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Dental Insurance Misconceptions

White dentist helping her patient fill out insurance paperwork on a clipboardForty years ago, dental insurance benefits averaged $1,000, which was the equivalent of around $9,000 today. Here is the kicker, the average insurance plan is still between one to two thousand dollars. Please read through our Myth and Reality questions.

Myth #1

Dental insurance is meant to take care of all of your dental needs.


The only person who can take care of your dental needs is you, in partnership with your dentist. The insurance company doesn't know or care about your needs. Their role is to assist you in your ability to pay for treatment which you have decided to have done.

Myth #2

If the insurance company doesn't cover the procedure, you must not need it.


The insurance company has nothing to do with the diagnosis made by your dentist. Insurance companies are not qualified to make a diagnosis or render treatment opinions. They will try to exert a tremendous effort to confuse you, the subscriber, into delaying or not having treatment. By you NOT having treatment, their profit is higher. They are in the business to return a profit to their shareholders and nothing to do with your health.

Myth #3

The dental insurance company cares about your health.


They are in business to make a profit. they are not in the health care business. You are paying premiums to this company, and they are returning some of those dollars back to you to offset dental costs. The difference between your premium and the dollars given back is their profit.

Myth #4

I can't go to Dr. Smith because he is not on "the list" or have treatment with Dr. Smith because I don't have insurance.


You can choose to do whatever you want! You do not need permission from the insurance company to do anything. Never let an impersonal insurance company dictate your dental care.

Myth #5

Dr. Smith and the administration team should understand a person's dental benefit, what it will cover and pay for, etc.


Your dental benefit contract was chosen by your employer. It is a contract between three parties: you, the company you work for and the dental insurance company. Dr. Smith has no role to play whatsoever. Dr. Smith tries very hard to accommodate by hiring extra staff just to handle the paperwork and phone calls that your dental insurance company requires in order to process billing so we are able to maximize the dental benefit to you. Dr. Smith's administration team deals with hundreds of different dental benefit companies that change their policies often. It is impossible to keep up with each policy and their dental benefit payout.

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